You could be a corporate organization, a group of friends or colleagues who would like to get trained on image management or its components. With the level of competition in each industry today, it has become more crucial to present a winning image. We help you achieve your goals by looking your part. We provide different solutions for our clients according their requirements.

Some organizations we have worked with are Gujarat University, Confederation of Indian Industry, Ahmedabad Mirror (Times of India), DNA Newspaper, Image Consulting Business Institute, ACWA, Omana boutique and Rotaract Club to name some.

If you prefer getting one on one consultation, check out our Individual Solutions.

  • generalandbuisness
  • bodyshape

    By teaching you different types of body shape, we help you discover yours and dress according to that. This will help you make wise consumer decisions.

  • dining

    Unprofessional behavior could lose you business. Etiquette will open doors you cannot imagine. We help you brush up your mannerism and tell you the do’s and don’ts in business situations.

  • Corporatedining

    We are developing a culture where we have office dinners or lunch. These are very different from your family time meals. Learning about these etiquettes will help you present a finer image of yourself and your work.

  • bodylanguage

    Body Language is the strongest tool to show confidence. Your posture, gestures, eye movements, touch and use of space are an essential part of social or business situations.

  • personalgrooming

    It is a matter of respect to yourself and your surrounding to maintain your grooming and personal hygiene. We guide you through the process and help you achieve a low maintenance routine for yourself

  • personalgrooming

    You could be group of friends or family who love makeup and would like to learn the techniques. We customize workshops from basic to advanced level for groups.

  • personalgrooming

    With flexible workshop modules we especially design the module to meet your needs. Every group or organization and group is unique and has a different image they would like to project. We can merge different programs according to your preferences.