3 SECONDS… is all it takes to make an impression about anyone. Best dressed are those who enhance their beauty, and dress in the way that syncs with who they are. You could be a businessman, a doctor, a housewife, a socialite or even a student, remember your image speaks a thousand words before you even speak.
With a technical procedure, people can discover their personality traits and synchronize that with their visual communication. We truly believe each one of us is beautifully different and we customize your image for your existing lifestyle. We respect your privacy and provide complete confidentiality upon request.

  • shapestylee

    We will help you discover your body type so that you are aware how to dress for your shape. Knowing about your body will help you make wise clothing choices.

  • wearcolor

    The RIGHT colors will brighten up your face and create lasting impressions. People should notice YOU, not the color of your dress. It is important to know the colors that look the best on you.

  • personalstyle

    Your sense of style is defined by your interests, lifestyle and clothing. Personal style is about expressing who YOU are with your appearance. We help you find that so that you can use this as a tool to express yourself effectively.

  • wardrope

    Do you wake up feeling you have too many clothes, but nothing to wear? This is probably because you do not have a functional wardrobe that works for your lifestyle, body shape and personal colors. We will update, organize and refresh your closet.

  • wardrope

    By doing a quick analysis of your everyday life and routine, we establish how you can change your look professionally to best suit your lifestyle. Power Dressing is all about dressing authoritative yet giving the right messages in professional situations.

  • DiningEtiquette

    Dining etiquette is a matter of courtesy and comfort. This includes table manners, table setting, restaurant etiquette and fine dining etiquette.

  • Too often we are overwhelmed with options in the market, not everything is for everybody. We shop for you according to your personal style, body shape, coloring, profession and lifestyle choices.

  • oneonone

    This is an overall makeover of your lifestyle to help you be more productive. It includes everything from your clothing, wardrobe, grooming, body language, etiquette and communication.

  • mediastyle

    We provide styling to photographers and media firms to get the overall appearance of the model to achieve a particular look according to the concept.

  • faceshape

    Makeup enhances your natural features and makes you look more attractive. We give you the best makeup and grooming tips and tricks to keep you looking on point.

  • faceshape

    We provide full services for bridal and special occasion consulting. It is a one-stop solution to improve you prepare for the big day. We include areas like Skincare, Hair care, nutrition, makeup, clothing, trousseau shopping and more.

  • faceshape

    Etiquette and Body Language are crucial for first impression and communicating the right message. Your posture, gestures, eye movements, touch and use of space are an essential part of social or business situations.

  • faceshape

    We provide training to achieve your goal for those who are aspiring to go for beauty pageants on body language, posing techniques, skincare, makeup, grooming, clothing for your body type and more.