Review: Forest Essentials Body Polisher

A while back I entered the luxurious Ayurvedic store dedicated to body care. I actually went in to buy a gift for the holiday season, however, ended up buying a small gift for myself (gotta keep yourself happy too). I got their Sandalwood and Turmeric Body Polisher/Scrub.


What comes in the Body Polisher Kit:

• Body Scrub
• Wooden spoon
• Herb Infused oil


I mean first lets just applause the packaging! it is so luxurious, sturdy. Comes with a wooden spoon to mix and take the product. With that, it comes with an oil that you need pre-apply before the scrub. 

When I was smelling the different body polishers they have in the store, some of them were so divine – rose is my favourite, whereas this one – was almost unbearable at the moment – not nice at all! My sister was adamant not to get this one. However, I knew the benefits of turmeric and sandalwood, that beats all the other flavours – plus I took a small trial on my hands. 😛


Sandalwood has the antiseptic quality of sandalwood benefits to treat rashes, acne blackheads and has deep cleaning properties. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral powerhouse. Hence- both together are magical! I have been using pure sandalwood powder since childhood for occasional body cleanup – hence I know its benefits – tried and tested for years.

Let me come to the point – I LOVE THIS STUFF! I mean yes the smell is not great but has these two ingredients are nirvana for your skin. It removes all the dead skin, leaves it super smooth. I think this is great for to-be brides, de-tanning or if you just fancy taking care of your skin. Follow it with a nice moisturizer with your favourite fragrance and the smell won’t bother you.

forestessential_bodypolisherHow to use: Apply the herb-infused oil first on your skin, mix it the body polisher with your spoon and take the desired amount – scrub your body with that. Rinse properly and do not skip following it up with a good hydrating moisturizer.

Hope this review helps and Enjoy at-home Pampering! xx


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