“Your words filled the women with self confidence”

We the committee members of ACWA on behalf of the entire organization want to thank you for your glorious presence at our event. 

Your words filled the women with self confidence and made them believe that even they have it in them to change the world. We got to learn a lot from your knowledge of style and fashion. You have inspired us to develop our personalities and win over our flaws.

The ACWA committee will need more help from you in its endeavors to make women powerful.

Looking forward to some more of your inspiring speeches.

ACWA committee

“it has been the most helpful lessons I’ve have ever took”

I got to know Heena Somani through the reference of my Mother, who was her batchmate at Image Consulting Business Institute, Ahmedabad. My interest for Makeup & Grooming had further lead me to search about her online on Social Media- Much before I took the 

Makeup and Grooming services from Heena, I was really attracted from her style and her attitude of carrying Clothing, Accessories and Makeup- It reflected a well -groomed persona and a passionate woman. 

I took Makeup& Grooming Individual lessons from Heena. It was an amazing experience learning both fundamentals and Advance Makeup skills from her. Her down to earth nature and easy way of teaching created a camaraderie between us and also made it easier to understand and learn the Makeup skills in the best way possible. Till this date, it has been the most helpful lessons I’ve have ever took. I am thankful to Heena Somani for equipping me with these skills, which I use in my daily life now. This workshop made me realize that Makeup& Grooming is essential for everyone in this world, where Image makes a difference. Apart from this, putting on Make-up has surely enhanced my self-esteem and confidence.

Krishna Shanghvi

“her thorough knowledge about her field is exceptionally excellent”

Heena Somani stands for 3E’s (Efforts, Effective, Easy) & 3C’s (Communication, Confidence, Comfortable) in her work in makeup and fashion.

I was among few of her initial clients to take image consultancy from her. She has totally changed my persona, looks and boosted up the confidence in me. She has also given an expert talk on power of dressing in my institute for Paramedical students. If I have to describe in a nutshell about Heena, She is born to rule in this field and her thorough knowledge about her field is exceptionally excellent. Way to go girl.

Arpita Arora

“not only helped me with material things but even my relationships and living style”

Today i am this personality with help of Heena where she has given her fullest to help me in always and guiding at each and every step of the way. 

Her concepts towards grooming a person is specific and dedicated. She is a very hardworking, sincere, dedicated, helpful, patient, direct on her subject, knowledgeable and many many more words which follow these words. 

I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to have her in my life which gave me a way to make necessary changes in myself and to make myself better and better in all terms. 

The time I met her I was facing challenges for mind, body and soul, her one advice helped me in all  the areas and I am thankful to her for that each moment I live . She just made me realised that you should have that many things in life which one really needs and things one will always use and love. With this it not only helped me with material things but even my relationships and living style -everything got better and many internal changes have happened since, even I have developed a habit of not wasting money and really spending wherever it is needed.

Guiding me as per my body requirements was perfect, after her advise I am able to do better shopping for my self and I have become very independent more and more with whatever she advised me.

I am again and again thankful to her and just got a chance once to be with her, I wish I would learn more things from her whenever i get the chance.

I can write a Story of each and every experience and moment spent with her !!!

Saloni Garg China

“proved as a game changer in a true sense in my life”

Having diminutive sense about what real make up and its application is, Heena Somani proved as a game changer in a true sense in my life. I always struggled the right choice of products and their technical application. But with Heena’s three session make up program, I have been able to wear make up the way I should be. Her consultancy skills are appreciable, clear and she’s is never hesitant to answer any queries that we may have. Also, her focus is never on just expensive products (which I have usually seen amongst many make up artists), but an array of products that can suit everyone’s pockets. Also, her knowledge about skincare and post make up cleaning is commendable. She has always been very warm and flexible to work with. I have loved and enjoyed all the sessions with her. Heena’s make up lessons have been every penny worth for me. I don’t feel lazy to wear make up anymore whenever I am going out. Thanks Heena!

Name is Confidential

“Indeed, it was a dream shoot”

Well I have known Heena for quite sometime now, however, never got a chance to work professionally until few months back when I had a campaign shoot planned with a rugged, raw yet modern kind of theme. I was a bit lost how to flag off the project when I had a talk with her. Eventually as we progressed through the project, trust me it was a reliever as she took care of all the stages right from styling to costumes to make up. The results we got were jus impeccable. She did a fantastic job and without her I doubt we would have cracked the shoot so seamlessly. Indeed, it was a dream shoot.

Thanking you.

Zeel Kamdar

“Her style and presence make her stand out amongst the professionals”

I’ve known Heena Somani for years now, as a learner and now as a professional she continues to excel in what she does. Her style and presence make her stand out amongst the professionals. She is young, dynamic, creative and raring to go!

Sandhya Anantani

“your skills are elevated; working with Heena does just that”

Most satisfying workdays are those where your work is appreciated and your skills are elevated; working with Heena does just that. She gives a brief outline but yet a vast playground to play and experiment in a way we’re both mutually happy with the end result.

Nishith Shah

“…because of Heena’s friendly professionalism, comfort level and obvious expertise”

Great experience, great energy ! Heena is an absolute pleasure to work with. 

I would highly recommend Heena’s services  for anyone looking for an image consultation . All my sessions were very comfortable and fun- time just flew by. She has helped me understand what works best for me,and to invest my money in the right direction. She pays attention to details and and treats each client as an individual with individual needs and style concerns . I found the whole experience easy, relaxing, informative and fun – and that’s in large part because of Heena’s friendly professionalism, comfort level and obvious expertise.

Mili Barot

“Prim and proper, to the point image consultant”

Prim and proper, to the point image consultant. Working with her was no less some good fun. While being with her, you only learn something more about image consulting, colours, clothes and get encouraged with her live wire spirit towards life.

Deepali Chhatwani