The Ruffle Curl Look

To dress up for dinner, you don’t always need a fitted fancy dress. You can take interesting pieces and make it into a chic outfit pairing. On my recent trip to Jaipur I did not feel like wearing a formal dress, plus it was cold. So I took a pair of striped pants with ruffled hem. I mean, it’s comfortable, it makes the right amount of statement and it is not your usual boring jeans. To add a casually chic vibe – added a white boat neck jumper. White adds that sophistication and the loose silhouette makes it comfortable as well as casual (bonus, you can eat as much and not worry about your clothes feeling tight 😉 )

Add clean scrappy heels, dainty jewellery, and a wallet clutch. Enjoy your meal now in comfort and style <3!

ruffle pantsdinner look_ruffle curlwhite sweater

Outfit Details:
Jumper: Ralph Lauren
Pants: River Island
Heels: Vincci
Wallet Clutch: Hermès

You can watch this look and others from this trip in this video:


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