Review: Forest Essentials Body Polisher

A while back I entered the luxurious Ayurvedic store dedicated to body care. I actually went in to buy a gift for the holiday season, however, ended up buying a small gift for myself (gotta keep yourself happy too). I got their Sandalwood and Turmeric Body Polisher/Scrub.


What comes in the Body Polisher Kit:

• Body Scrub
• Wooden spoon
• Herb Infused oil


I mean first lets just applause the packaging! it is so luxurious, sturdy. Comes with a wooden spoon to mix and take the product. With that, it comes with an oil that you need pre-apply before the scrub. 

When I was smelling the different body polishers they have in the store, some of them were so divine – rose is my favourite, whereas this one – was almost unbearable at the moment – not nice at all! My sister was adamant not to get this one. However, I knew the benefits of turmeric and sandalwood, that beats all the other flavours – plus I took a small trial on my hands. 😛


Sandalwood has the antiseptic quality of sandalwood benefits to treat rashes, acne blackheads and has deep cleaning properties. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral powerhouse. Hence- both together are magical! I have been using pure sandalwood powder since childhood for occasional body cleanup – hence I know its benefits – tried and tested for years.

Let me come to the point – I LOVE THIS STUFF! I mean yes the smell is not great but has these two ingredients are nirvana for your skin. It removes all the dead skin, leaves it super smooth. I think this is great for to-be brides, de-tanning or if you just fancy taking care of your skin. Follow it with a nice moisturizer with your favourite fragrance and the smell won’t bother you.

forestessential_bodypolisherHow to use: Apply the herb-infused oil first on your skin, mix it the body polisher with your spoon and take the desired amount – scrub your body with that. Rinse properly and do not skip following it up with a good hydrating moisturizer.

Hope this review helps and Enjoy at-home Pampering! xx


Cheat Dressing

While browsing in the stores I FOUND a coat that screams my style. It’s a Cardigan-Coat – I call it the cheat dressing – you have something as loose and comfy as a cardigan but looks like a coat + has fur trimmings that add just the right amount of luxe (bonus, it’s the colour of the year 2018-Ultraviolet).

I am constantly hunting for pieces that are comfortable, yet put together and trendy all the same time. This helps with my cheat dressing of casual chic- I can be casual when I like and dress it up like I did with this outfit. Went for denim, crisscross neckline jersey t-shirt (another cheat piece if you ask me), block lilac heels (repeating lilac tones), statement earring and have that highlighter popping – you are all ready!Cardigancoat1CardiganCoat cardigancoat3

Outfit Details:
Cardigan Coat – Mango
T-shirt- Shein
Denim – Vero Moda
Heels – H&M

PC: Cheesecake Productions


The Ruffle Curl Look

To dress up for dinner, you don’t always need a fitted fancy dress. You can take interesting pieces and make it into a chic outfit pairing. On my recent trip to Jaipur I did not feel like wearing a formal dress, plus it was cold. So I took a pair of striped pants with ruffled hem. I mean, it’s comfortable, it makes the right amount of statement and it is not your usual boring jeans. To add a casually chic vibe – added a white boat neck jumper. White adds that sophistication and the loose silhouette makes it comfortable as well as casual (bonus, you can eat as much and not worry about your clothes feeling tight 😉 )

Add clean scrappy heels, dainty jewellery, and a wallet clutch. Enjoy your meal now in comfort and style <3!

ruffle pantsdinner look_ruffle curlwhite sweater

Outfit Details:
Jumper: Ralph Lauren
Pants: River Island
Heels: Vincci
Wallet Clutch: Hermès

You can watch this look and others from this trip in this video: